Source code for publiforge.lib.processor.generator

"""This module generate something from nothing."""

from os.path import join, exists, dirname, basename, splitext
from ConfigParser import ConfigParser
from imp import load_source
from beaker.cache import CacheManager
from beaker.util import parse_cache_config_options

from ...i18n import _
from ...config import config_get
from ...utils import decrypt
from ...handler import HandlerManager
from ....models import DBSession
from ....models.storages import Storage
from .. import bin_directory

# =============================================================================
[docs]class Processor(object): """Main class for generator processor.""" # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- def __init__(self, build): """Constructor method. :param build: (:class:``) Main Build object. """ # Attributes = build self._handler_manager = None self._handlers = {} # Configuration name = join(build.path, 'Processor', 'generator.ini') if not exists(name): build.stopped(_('File "generator.ini" is missing.')) return self._config = ConfigParser({ 'here': dirname(name), 'bin': bin_directory(), 'processor': join(build.path, 'Processor'), 'stgpath': build.data_path, 'lang': build.context['lang']}) # -------------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def start(self): """Start the processor.""" if return # Load script filename = self.config('Generation', 'process') if not filename:'Option [Generation]/process is missing.')) return if not exists(filename): _('Unknown file "${n}".', {'n': basename(filename)})) return module = load_source(splitext(basename(filename))[0], filename) # Execute script module.main(self)
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def message(self, text): """Add a message in ``build.result['values']``. :param text: (string or :class:`pyramid.i18n.TranslationString`) Message text. """ if 'values' not in['values'] = []['values'].append(
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def storage_handler(self, storage_id, storage=None): """Update environment for storage ``storage_id`` with handler and user information and return the current storage handler. :param storage_id: (string) Storage ID. :param storage: (:class:`~.models.storages.Storage` instance, optional). :return: (tuple or ``None``) A tuple such as ``(storage_handler, (vcs_user_id, vcs_password, user_name))``. """ if not['local']: _('This processor does not work on a pure agent.')) return None # Get handler manager if self._handler_manager is None: cache_manager = CacheManager( **parse_cache_config_options( self._handler_manager = HandlerManager(, cache_manager) # Already used? if storage_id in self._handlers and \ storage_id in self._handler_manager.currently_managed(): return self._handlers[storage_id] # Create if storage is None: storage = DBSession.query(Storage).filter_by( storage_id=storage_id).first() if storage is None:'Unknown storage "${n}".', {'n': storage_id})) return None self._handlers[storage_id] = ( self._handler_manager.get_handler(storage_id, storage), (storage.vcs_user, decrypt(storage.vcs_password,'encryption', '-')),['name'])) return self._handlers[storage_id]
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] def config(self, section, option, default=None): """Retrieve a value from a configuration object. :param section: (string) Section name. :param option: (string) Option name. :param default: (string, optional) Default value :return: (string) Read value or default value. """ return config_get(self._config, section, option, default)