Source code for

"""Build view callables."""

from datetime import timedelta
from time import time
from os import sep
from os.path import join, isdir, dirname, basename, commonprefix, relpath
from math import sqrt
import zipfile
import tempfile
import re
from lxml import etree
from sqlalchemy.exc import IntegrityError

from pyramid.view import view_config
from pyramid.httpexceptions import HTTPFound, HTTPNotFound
from pyramid.response import Response

from .selection import Selection
from ..lib.i18n import _
from ..lib.utils import normalize_name, export_file_set, age
from ..lib.xml import PUBLIFORGE_RNG_VERSION
from ..lib.viewutils import get_action, current_storage, current_project
from ..lib.viewutils import current_processing, current_processing_output
from ..lib.viewutils import file_download, file_upload, variable_schema
from ..lib.viewutils import variable_input, variable_description
from ..lib.viewutils import get_selection, selection2container
from ..lib.form import Form
from ..models import DESCRIPTION_LEN, DBSession, close_dbsession
from ..models.users import User
from ..models.processings import Processing
from ..models.packs import FILE_TYPE_MARKS, Pack, PackVariable

    'none': _('In progress...'), 'stop': _('Stopped'), 'end': _('Completed'),
    'fatal': _('In error')}

# =============================================================================
[docs]class BuildView(object): """Class to manage builds.""" # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- def __init__(self, request): """Constructor method.""" request.add_finished_callback(close_dbsession) self._request = request # -------------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] @view_config( route_name='build_launch', renderer='../Templates/') def launch(self): """Launch one or more builds.""" # Processing project = current_project(self._request) processing, processor, output = current_processing(self._request) # Packs pack_ids = self._request.matchdict.get('pack_ids').split('_') packs = DBSession.query(Pack)\ .filter_by(project_id=project['project_id'])\ .filter(Pack.pack_id.in_(pack_ids)).all() if packs is None: raise HTTPNotFound(comment=_('No pack to build!')) # Form, action & visible variables with help form, groups, variable_values = self._build_form( project, processing, processor, packs) action, description = self._action( form, processing, processor, variable_values, packs) if self._request.is_xhr: return Response(description, content_type='text/html') # Launch builds if len(packs) == 1: output = current_processing_output( self._request, processing, packs[0]) build_ids = self._launch_builds( form, processing, processor, variable_values, packs) if len(build_ids) == 1: if self._request.current_route_path() == \ self._request.breadcrumbs.current_path(): self._request.breadcrumbs.pop() return HTTPFound(self._request.route_path( 'build_progress', build_id=build_ids[0])) elif len(build_ids) > 1: if self._request.current_route_path() == \ self._request.breadcrumbs.current_path(): self._request.breadcrumbs.pop() return HTTPFound(self._request.route_path( 'build_results', project_id=project['project_id'])) self._request.breadcrumbs.add(_('Build')) return { 'form': form, 'sep': sep, 'action': action, 'project': project, 'processing': processing, 'processor': processor, 'groups': groups, 'variables': variable_values, 'description': description, 'packs': packs, 'output': output, 'variable_input': variable_input, 'FILE_TYPE_MARKS': FILE_TYPE_MARKS}
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] @view_config( route_name='build_view', renderer='../Templates/') def view(self): """Display a build, possibly, with its result.""" # Build and project build, processing, processor, pack = self._current_build(True) project = current_project( self._request, int(build['build_id'].split('-')[0])) # Working? result = self._request.registry['fbuild'].progress( self._request, (build['build_id'],))[0] if result: return HTTPFound(self._request.route_path( 'build_progress', build_id=build['build_id'])) # Form & visible variables form, groups, variable_values = self._build_form( project, processing, processor, [pack]) # Action action, description = self._action( form, processing, processor, variable_values, (pack,)) if self._request.is_xhr: return Response(description, content_type='text/html') if action == 'exp!' and form.validate(): return self._export_build( project, processing, processor, pack, form.values) # Launch build build['output'] = current_processing_output( self._request, processing, pack) build_ids = self._launch_builds( form, processing, processor, variable_values, (pack,)) if build_ids: return HTTPFound(self._request.route_path( 'build_progress', build_id=build_ids[0])) # Result result = self._request.registry['fbuild'].result(build['build_id']) log = '\n'.join([ '[%-7s] %s' % (k[1], k[3]) for k in result.get('log', [])]) # for k in result.get('log', []): # print '%03d%% [%-7s] %s' % (k[2], k[1], k[3]) self._request.breadcrumbs.add( _('Build'), replace=self._request.route_path( 'build_progress', build_id=build['build_id'])) return { 'form': form, 'sep': sep, 'action': action, 'project': project, 'processing': processing, 'processor': processor, 'groups': groups, 'variables': variable_values, 'description': description, 'packs': (pack,), 'output': build['output'], 'FILE_TYPE_MARKS': FILE_TYPE_MARKS, 'build': build, 'result': result, 'message': result.get('message'), 'log': log, 'variable_input': variable_input}
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] @view_config( route_name='build_progress', renderer='../Templates/') @view_config(route_name='build_progress', renderer='json', xhr=True) def progress(self): """Display the build progress.""" # Working? build = self._current_build()[0] build_id = build['build_id'] working, prgrss = self._request.registry['fbuild'].progress( self._request, (build_id,)) playing = str( timedelta(seconds=time() - prgrss[build_id][3])).split('.')[0] refresh = self._refresh([prgrss[build_id][3]]) # Response if self._request.is_xhr: return { 'working': working, 'percent': prgrss[build_id][1], 'message': prgrss[build_id][2].partition('\n')[0], 'agent': prgrss[build_id][4], 'playing': playing, 'refresh': refresh} if not working: return HTTPFound(self._request.route_path( 'build_view', build_id=build_id, _anchor='build')) if 'ajax' not in self._request.params \ and 'stp?' not in self._request.params: self._request.response.headerlist.append(('Refresh', str(refresh))) # Stop? is_owner = self._request.registry['fbuild'].is_owner( self._request, build_id) if 'stp!' in self._request.params and is_owner: self._request.registry['fbuild'].stop(self._request, (build_id,)) # Project project = current_project( self._request, int(build_id.partition('-')[0])) self._request.breadcrumbs.add(_('In progress...')) return { 'project': project, 'build': build, 'is_owner': is_owner, 'progress': prgrss[build_id], 'agent': prgrss[build_id][4], 'playing': playing, 'refresh': refresh}
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] @view_config(route_name='build_complete', permission=NO_PERMISSION_REQUIRED) def complete(self): """Complete a build.""" build_id = self._request.matchdict['build_id'] key = self._request.matchdict['key'] made = self._request.registry['fbuild']\ .complete(self._request, build_id, key) return Response('' if made else 'Unable to complete "%s"' % build_id, content_type='text/plain')
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] @view_config(route_name='build_info', renderer='json', xhr=True) def info(self): """Return information about a build (AJAX)""" build_id = self._request.matchdict['build_id'] result = self._request.registry['fbuild'].result(build_id) translate = self._request.localizer.translate # Working if not result: working, prgrss = self._request.registry['fbuild'].progress( self._request, (build_id,)) if not working: return dict() response = { 'agent': prgrss[build_id][4], 'playing': str(timedelta( seconds=time() - prgrss[build_id][3])).split('.')[0], 'message': prgrss[build_id][2].partition('\n')[0]} # Not working else: if len(result['log']) < 13: log = ['[%-7s] %s' % (k[1], k[3][:80]) for k in result['log']] else: log = ['[%-7s] %s' % (k[1], k[3][:80]) for k in result['log'][1:4]] + ['[.......] ...'] \ + ['[%-7s] %s' % (k[1], k[3][:80]) for k in result['log'][-9:]] log = '\n'.join(log) response = { 'playing': str(timedelta( seconds=result['log'][-1][0] - result['log'][0][0])).split('.')[0], 'log': log} if 'message' in result: response['message'] = translate(result['message']) if 'values' in result: response['values'] = ' ; '.join(result['values']) if 'files' in result: response['files'] = ' ; '.join(result['files']) response['labels'] = { 'agent': translate(_('Agent:')), 'playing': translate(_('Playing time:')), 'message': translate(_('Message:')), 'values': translate(_('Values:')), 'files': translate(_('Files:')), 'log': translate(_('Log:'))} return response
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] @view_config(route_name='build_log') def log(self): """Download current log.""" build = self._current_build()[0] project = current_project( self._request, int(build['build_id'].partition('-')[0])) content = self._request.registry['fbuild'].result(build['build_id']) content = '\n'.join([ '[%-7s] %s' % (k[1], k[3]) for k in content.get('log', [])]) filename = normalize_name('%s-%s.log' % ( project['label'], build['build_id'].partition('-')[2])) response = Response(content, content_type='text/plain') response.headerlist.append(( 'Content-Disposition', 'attachment; filename="%s"' % filename)) return response
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------
[docs] @view_config( route_name='build_results', renderer='../Templates/') @view_config(route_name='build_results', renderer='json', xhr=True) def results(self): """List all builds in progress or with result.""" # Action 1 project = current_project(self._request) user_id = self._request.session['user_id'] \ if project['perm'] != 'leader' else None action, items = get_action(self._request) if action[0:4] == 'del!': self._request.registry['fbuild'].forget_results( project['project_id'], user_id, build_ids=items) elif action[0:4] == 'stp!': self._request.registry['fbuild'].stop( self._request, items, user_id) # Environment working = False prgrss = users = processings = packs = None refresh = int(self._request.registry.settings.get('refresh.long', 5)) build_list = self._request.registry['fbuild'].build_list( project['project_id'], user_id) # Ajax if self._request.is_xhr: starts = dict([(k['build_id'], k['start']) for k in build_list]) working, prgrss = self._request.registry['fbuild'].progress( self._request, starts.keys()) prgrss = dict([ (k, (str(timedelta(seconds=time() - starts[k])).split('.')[0], prgrss[k][1])) for k in prgrss]) refresh = self._refresh(starts.values(), refresh) return {'working': working, 'status': prgrss, 'refresh': refresh} # Build parameters if build_list: packs = [k['pack_id'] for k in build_list] packs = dict( DBSession.query(Pack.pack_id, Pack.label) .filter_by(project_id=project['project_id']) .filter(Pack.pack_id.in_(packs)).all()) build_list = [k for k in build_list if k['pack_id'] in packs] if build_list: processings = [k['processing_id'] for k in build_list] processings = DBSession.query(Processing)\ .filter_by(project_id=project['project_id'])\ .filter(Processing.processing_id.in_(processings)).all() processings = dict( [(k.processing_id, k.label) for k in processings]) users = [k['user_id'] for k in build_list] users = dict(DBSession.query(User.user_id, .filter(User.user_id.in_(users)).all()) working, prgrss = self._request.registry['fbuild'].progress( self._request, [k['build_id'] for k in build_list]) refresh = self._refresh([k['start'] for k in build_list], refresh) # Action 2 if action[0:4] == 'dnl!': action = self._download_results(build_list, items) if action is not None: return action # Refresh if working and 'ajax' not in self._request.params: self._request.response.headerlist.append( ('Refresh', str(refresh))) self._request.breadcrumbs.add(_('Last results')) return { 'sep': sep, 'age': age, 'action': action, 'working': working, 'project': project, 'results': build_list, 'progress': prgrss, 'users': users, 'processings': processings, 'packs': packs, 'status_labels': STATUS_LABELS, 'refresh': refresh}
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------- def _current_build(self, full=False): """Initialize ``request.session['build']`` and return it as current build dictionary. If ``full`` is ``True``, this method also returns :class:`~.models.processings.Processing` object, processor :class:`lxml.etree.ElementTree` object and :class:`~.models.packs.Pack` object. :param full: (boolean) If ``True``, force database reading and return processing and pack objects. :return: (tuple) A tuple such as ``(build_dictionary, processing_object, pack_object)`` or a :class:`pyramid.httpexceptions.`HTTPNotFound` exception. ``build_dictionary`` has the following keys: ``build_id``, ``processing_id``, ``pack_id``, ``pack_label``, ``output``. """ # Already in session build_id = self._request.matchdict['build_id'] if not full and 'build' in self._request.session \ and self._request.session['build']['build_id'] == build_id: return self._request.session['build'], None, None, None # Pack project_id, processing_id, pack_id = build_id.split('-')[0:3] pack = DBSession.query(Pack).filter_by( project_id=project_id, pack_id=pack_id).first() if pack is None: raise HTTPNotFound(comment=_('This pack does not exist!')) # Processing & processor processing, processor, output = \ current_processing( self._request, project_id, int(processing_id), pack) self._request.session['build'] = { 'build_id': build_id, 'processing_id': processing.processing_id, 'pack_id': pack_id, 'pack_label': pack.label, 'output': output} return self._request.session['build'], processing, processor, pack # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- def _build_form(self, project, processing, processor, packs): """Return a build form with a validating schema for visible variables. :param project: (dictionary) Current project dictionary. :param processing: (:class:`~.models.processings.Processing` instance) :param processor: (:class:`lxml.etree.ElementTree` instance) Processor of current processing. :param packs: (list) List of :class:`~.models.packs.Pack` objects. :return: (tuple) A tuple such as ``(form, groups, variables)`` ``groups`` is a list of group :class:`lxml.etree.Element` objects containing visible variables. ``variables`` is a dictionary of visible variables (see :meth:`_variable_values`). """ variable_values = self._variable_values( project, processing, processor, packs) groups = [] for group in processor.findall('processor/variables/group'): for var in group.findall('var'): if var.get('name') in variable_values: groups.append(group) break schema, defaults = variable_schema(processor, variable_values, False) form = Form( self._request, schema=schema, defaults=defaults, obj=processing) return form, groups, variable_values # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- def _launch_builds(self, form, processing, processor, variables, packs): """Launch builds. :param form: (:class:`~.lib.form.Form` instance) Build form. :param processing: (:class:`~.models.processings.Processing` instance) :param processor: (:class:`lxml.etree.ElementTree` instance) Processor of current processing. :param variables: (dictionary) Dictionary of variables (see :meth:`_variable_values`). :param packs: (list) List of :class:`~.models.packs.Pack` objects. :return: (list) List of launched builds. """ if (variables or 'view' in self._request.current_route_path()) and \ ('bld!.x' not in self._request.params or not form.validate()): return () # Save variable modifications for var in processor.findall('processor/variables/group/var'): name = var.get('name') if name in form.values: default = variables[name][1] == 'true' \ if var.get('type') == 'boolean' else variables[name][1] for pack in packs: self._update_pack_variable( processing.processing_id, pack, name, None if form.values[name] == default else form.values[name]) try: DBSession.commit() except IntegrityError: DBSession.rollback() # Parallel processor if processing.processor.startswith('Parallel'): return self._launch_parallel_builds(processing, processor, packs) # Create builds and start them build_ids = [] for pack in packs: build_id = self._request.registry['fbuild'].start_build( self._request, processing, processor, pack) if build_id: build_ids.append(build_id) return build_ids # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- def _launch_parallel_builds(self, processing, processor, packs): """Launch builds of a parallel processor. :param processing: (:class:`~.models.processings.Processing` instance) :param processor: (:class:`lxml.etree.ElementTree` instance) Processor of current processing. :param packs: (list) List of :class:`~.models.packs.Pack` objects. :return: (list) List of launched builds. """ build_ids = [] processings = dict([ ('prc%d.%d' % (k.project_id, k.processing_id), k) for k in DBSession.query(Processing) .filter_by(project_id=processing.project_id) if not k.processor.startswith('Parallel')]) defaults = dict([(, k.default) for k in processing.variables]) for pack in packs: done = set() values = dict([(, k.value) for k in pack.variables if k.processing_id == processing.processing_id]) for var in processor.findall('processor/variables/group/var'): value = values.get(var.get('name')) or \ defaults.get(var.get('name')) if value not in processings or value in done: continue current_processor = self._request.registry['fbuild'].processor( self._request, processings[value].processor) if current_processor is None: raise HTTPNotFound( comment=_('Unknown processor "${p}"!', {'p': processings[value].processor})) build_id = self._request.registry['fbuild'].start_build( self._request, processings[value], current_processor, pack) if build_id: build_ids.append(build_id) done.add(value) return build_ids # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- def _action(self, form, processing, processor, variable_values, packs): """Return current action and a description text. :param form: (:class:`~.lib.form.Form` instance) Current form. :param processing: (:class:`~.models.processings.Processing` instance) Current processing object. :param processor: (:class:`lxml.etree.ElementTree` instance) Processor of current processing. :param variable_values: (dictionary) Values affected to the variables of current processing. :param packs: (list) List of :class:`~.models.packs.Pack` objects. :return: (tuple) A tuple such as ``(action, description)``. """ description = None action = get_action(self._request)[0] if action[0:4] == 'des!': description = variable_description( self._request, processor.find('processor'), action[4:], variable_values, False, True) elif action[0:4] == 'rst!': name = action[4:] var = processor.xpath( 'processor/variables/group/var[@name="%s"]' % name) if len(var) == 1 and name in variable_values: form.values[name] = (variable_values[name][1] == 'true') \ if var[0].get('type') == 'boolean' \ else variable_values[name][1] form.static(name) elif action[0:4] == 'upl!': message = \ self._request.params.get('message', '')[0:DESCRIPTION_LEN] \ or self._request.localizer.translate( _('Updated before "${p}"', {'p': processing.label})) file_upload(self._request, action[4:], message) action = '' elif action == 'get!output': for pack in packs: selection2container( self._request, 'pck', pack, 'output', get_selection(self._request), processing) elif action[0:4] == 'sel!': Selection(self._request).add((action[4:],)) self._request.session.flash(_('Selection updated.')) action = '' return action, description # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- def _export_build(self, project, processing, processor, pack, values): """Export build. :param project: (dictionary) Project dictionary. :param processing: (:class:`~.models.processings.Processing` instance) :param processor: (:class:`lxml.etree.ElementTree` instance) Processor of current processing. :param pack: (:class:`~.models.packs.Pack` instance) :param values: (dictionary) Variables values. :return: (:class:`pyramid.response.Response` instance) """ # Header settings = self._request.registry.settings root = etree.Element('publiforge', version=PUBLIFORGE_RNG_VERSION) build_elt = etree.SubElement(root, 'build') build_elt.set( 'id', '%s_%d-%d-%d' % (settings['uid'], project['project_id'], processing.processing_id, pack.pack_id)) # Settings build_elt.append(etree.Comment('=' * 68)) group_elt = etree.SubElement(build_elt, 'settings') etree.SubElement(group_elt, 'setting', key='storage.root')\ .text = '../../Storages~' etree.SubElement(group_elt, 'setting', key='build.root')\ .text = '../../Builds~' etree.SubElement(group_elt, 'setting', key='build.develop')\ .text = settings.get('build.develop', 'true') etree.SubElement(group_elt, 'setting', key='processor.roots')\ .text = '../../Processors' # Processing build_elt.append(etree.Comment('=' * 68)) group_elt = etree.SubElement(build_elt, 'processing') etree.SubElement(group_elt, 'processor').text = processing.processor processing.export_build_variables(group_elt, processor, pack, values) export_file_set(group_elt, processing, 'resource') export_file_set(group_elt, processing, 'template') # Pack build_elt.append(etree.Comment('=' * 68)) group_elt = etree.SubElement(build_elt, 'pack') if pack.recursive: group_elt.set('recursive', 'true') export_file_set(group_elt, pack, 'file') export_file_set(group_elt, pack, 'resource') export_file_set(group_elt, pack, 'template') # Response filename = normalize_name('%s-%d-%d.pfbld.xml' % ( project['label'], processing.processing_id, pack.pack_id)) xml = etree.tostring( root, pretty_print=True, encoding='utf-8', xml_declaration=True) xml = re.sub(r'\s*<(/?)value>\s*', '<\\1value>', xml) response = Response(xml, content_type='application/xml') response.headerlist.append(( 'Content-Disposition', 'attachment; filename="%s"' % filename)) return response # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- @classmethod def _variable_values(cls, project, processing, processor, packs): """Return a dictionary of variable values. :param project: (dictionary) Current project dictionary. :param processing: (:class:`~.models.processings.Processing` instance) Current processing object. :param processor: (:class:`lxml.etree.ElementTree` instance) Processor of current processing. :param packs: (list) List of current :class:`~.models.packs.Pack` objects. :return: (dictionay) A dictionary such as {<name>: (<value>, <default>, <labels>),...}. """ # Values from processing processing_vars = dict([(, k) for k in processing.variables]) # Find common values from packs pack_vars = {} for pack in packs: for var in pack.variables: if var.processing_id == processing.processing_id \ and in pack_vars: pack_vars[][0] += 1 pack_vars[][1].add(var.value) elif var.processing_id == processing.processing_id: pack_vars[] = [1, set([var.value])] if len(packs) == 1 and project['perm'] == 'leader': hidden = dict([(k, False) for k in pack_vars]) else: hidden = dict([ (k, True) for k in pack_vars if len(pack_vars[k][1]) != 1 or pack_vars[k][0] != len(packs)]) # Browse visible variables values = {} for var in processor.findall('processor/variables/group/var'): name = var.get('name') if (name not in hidden or hidden[name]) and \ (name in hidden or not (processing_vars[name].visible if name in processing_vars and processing_vars[name].visible is not None else bool(var.get('visible')))): continue default = \ processing_vars[name].default if name in processing_vars and \ processing_vars[name].default is not None \ else var.findtext('default') value = pack_vars[name][1].pop() if name in pack_vars else default if value is None or var.get('type') != 'select': values[name] = (value, default, None) else: values[name] = ( value, default, dict([(k.get('value', k.text), k.text) for k in var.findall('option')]).get(value, value)) return values # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- @classmethod def _update_pack_variable(cls, processing_id, pack, name, value): """Update or remove (if ``value`` is ``None``). :param processing_id: (integer) ID of the current processing. :param pack: (:class:`~.models.packs.Pack` instance) Current processing object. :param name: (string) Name of the variable. :param value: (string or None) Value of the variable. If ``None`` the value is removed from the database. """ # Remove from database if value is None: DBSession.query(PackVariable).filter_by( project_id=pack.project_id, processing_id=processing_id, name=name).delete() return # Update for var in pack.variables: if var.processing_id == processing_id and == name: var.value = value return pack.variables.append(PackVariable(processing_id, name, value)) # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- def _download_results(self, build_list, build_ids): """Gather results in a ZIP file and return a Pyramid response. :param build_list: (list) List of builds of current project. :param build_ids: (list) List of build IDs to download. :return: (:class:`pyramid.response.FileResponse` instance or raise a :class:`pyramid.httpexceptions.HTTPNotFound` exception.) """ # Create file list filenames = [] for build in build_list: if build['build_id'] in build_ids and build.get('files'): path = build['output'] if current_storage(self._request, path.partition(sep)[0]): filenames += [join(path, k) for k in build['files']] # Empty list if not filenames: self._request.session.flash(_('No result to download!'), 'alert') return None # Single file storage_root = self._request.registry.settings['storage.root'] if len(filenames) == 1: return file_download( self._request, storage_root, filenames, basename(filenames[0])) # Several files tmp = tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile( dir=self._request.registry.settings['temporary_dir']) zip_file = zipfile.ZipFile(tmp, 'w', zipfile.ZIP_DEFLATED) root = join(storage_root, commonprefix(filenames)) if not isdir(root): root = dirname(root) for name in filenames: name = join(storage_root, name) zip_file.write(name, relpath(name, root)) zip_file.close() return file_download(self._request, '', (,), '') # ------------------------------------------------------------------------- def _refresh(self, start_times, initial=None): """Compute the best delay to refresh a page. :param start_times: (list) List of starting time of each build. :param initial: (integer, default=refresh.short of settings) Initial delay in seconds. :return: (integer) Delay in seconds. """ initial = initial or \ int(self._request.registry.settings.get('refresh.short', 2)) return initial if not start_times else min( int(((3 + sqrt(1 + time() - max(start_times))) / 4) * initial), 15)